Psychology 20 ~ Supplementary Learning

Welcome to our Psychology 20 meeting spot!  I’m so glad that you’ve made the decision to continue learning alongside your classmates and me.

*Note:  this welcome page will not change throughout the next few weeks.  In order to read new posts, you’ll need to click on either “Grade 10” or “Grade 11” from the top menu , beside the “Psychology 20 ~ Supplementary Learning” title.

Teaching this course in a virtual manner is new to me, so I’m certain that mistakes will be made.  Please look at this as a learning opportunity for all of us!  As you will be receiving messages and assignments from all of your teachers, please don’t expect to receive one hour of psychology work each day.  We realize that these circumstances are very unusual and that your physical and emotional well being are as important as your academic endeavours!

During this time of school closures, our class will be using a combination three online tools  in order to keep in touch, share thoughts, ask questions and solidify your understanding of many interesting (and relevant!) psychological concepts.  These tools are:

Edmodo ~ I will use this to share assignments and to receive your completed work; you may use this to contact me, if you wish.  This will be something that you should check DAILY!


My Blog ~ I will use this to provide general information; you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts, ask questions of one-another, and, when applicable, to comment on posts, etc.  Click on “Follow” in the right side bar so that you know when something new is posted.

Google Hangouts ~ We will meet (virtually) once each week so that I may answer any questions that you might have – and just to touch base with you.  (Log in information will be shared with you in the near future.)

If you are concerned that you may have limited access to technology, please email me ( or send me a private message through Edmodo; we will figure out a solution together.

Please check Edmodo regularly for more details!  #StayHome #StaySafe

Mrs. Armstrong